Frequently Asked Questions

LW Connect is an interactive customer system that lets you access your Loudoun Water account information 24/7. You can view your bills, monitor your usage, enroll in Auto Debit, enroll in eBilling and eBilling Text Alerts and pay your bill. LW Connect is open to all active Loudoun Water accounts. If you have a Loudoun Water account, then you are eligible to register!
Click Register on the Homepage. The following information is required for registering on LW Connect:
  • Account Number on your bill
  • Last 4 digits of your Social Security Number
  • Service Address Zip Code
LW Connect is compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer 9 and above. See all of our browser support information by clicking the Disclaimer – Browser Support link on the Homepage.
Click Forgot Password on the Homepage. You will be prompted to verify your account information and answer security questions prior to resetting your password.
For your security, your LW Connect account is locked after you have incorrectly entered your password too many times. A popup will appear informing you that your account has been locked. Click Unlock and follow the steps on the screen. If you are still having trouble unlocking your account, please contact Customer Relations at 571-291-7880.
For questions about your online account, contact LW Connect Technical Support at 571-581-6529 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. For all other account questions please call Loudoun Water Customer Relations at 571-291-7880 during regular business hours.
Once logged into the site, click the Profile & Accounts tab. Users can update:
  • Contact phone number
  • eBilling Text Alerts mobile number
  • Mailing address
  • Email address
  • Account nickname
  • Password
Yes. After Logging in, click the Profile & Accounts tab. From the Profile page click Add Account button under the Account Details section. You will need your account information to complete the process.
Security is of utmost importance to Loudoun Water. LW Connect uses encryption to keep your information private and secure. You also play a key role in keeping your information secure. Please follow these steps to keep your information safe.
  • Do not choose a username and password that would be easy for someone to guess such as your name and date of birth
  • Do not share your username and password with anyone
  • Always log out when you are finished with your session
  • If you have to write down your password, be sure to keep it in a safe place
No, you will no longer receive a paper bill via mail. Instead, you will receive an email when your bill is ready to view and five days prior to the due date. You can print a copy of your bill from your LW Connect account.
You can cancel eBilling enrollment online anytime by choosing Unenroll under Program Enrollment. Once you have cancelled eBilling enrollment, your next quarterly bill will be sent via mail. You can still pay your bill by logging into your LW Connect account.
Yes. To update your banking information, log in to your LW Connect account and click on Payment Methods tab. Your bank information is located under the Bank Accounts tab. If you are enrolled in Auto Debit, you will first have to unenroll in Auto Debit and then you may update your bank information. Please be aware that by unenrolling from Auto Debit, your bank account will no longer be used to process payments automatically. You will be responsible for submitting payments for your account or you may re-enroll in Auto Debit again with the desired bank account.
Auto Debit allows you to set up recurring payments directly from your checking or savings account. We will generally begin processing your Auto Debit payment 1-2 days before your due date, but the amount due will not be debited from your account until the actual invoice due date. There is no fee to sign up for Auto Debit and you may cancel at any time. Please note: By enrolling in Auto Debit, any past due balances on your account will be withdrawn from your bank account immediately. If you've made a one-time payment for a past due balance, please allow time for that payment to clear before enrolling in Auto Debit to avoid a duplicate payment. If your service is scheduled to be terminated, please submit a one-time payment and contact Customer Relations at 571-291-7880 with your payment confirmation number. If your payment is submitted after 4:00 p.m. EST, your service will be reconnected the next business day.
Payments made before 4:00 p.m. EST Monday through Friday will post to your account the same day. Payments made after 4:00 p.m. EST or on weekends or holidays will post the next business day. If your service is disrupted or pending disruption, please call Customer Relations at 571-291-7880 with your confirmation number.
No. LW Connect does not charge a fee for payments.
Payments made by one-time bank payment can be cancelled before 4:00 p.m. EST the day the payment is scheduled to process. To cancel a one-time bank payment, log in to your LW Connect account and click on the Bill & Payment History tab. If the payment is eligible for cancelation, a Cancel button will display. Credit and Debit card transactions cannot be modified or cancelled after they are submitted. Credit and Debit cards occur in “real-time” – meaning funds are authorized and settled with your financial institution once the transaction is completed.
Once you sign up for eBilling Text Alerts, you will receive text messages when your bill is ready to view online and five days before it’s due.
There is no additional charge for eBilling Text Alerts; however, your mobile phone provider may bill you for text messages and data rates depending on your mobile phone plan. Loudoun Water is not responsible for these charges.
To pay your bill, click the link in the text message to sign in to your online account.
You must sign in to your online account, select the account you wish to update, and unenroll from eBilling Text Alerts on the “Program Enrollment” section. Please note, if you reply “STOP” through your mobile phone, you will be unenrolled from eBilling Text Alerts for all accounts associated with that phone number.
Go to the “Profile & Accounts” page in your online account and replace your old phone number with your new phone number. We’ll send an activation text message to your new number.
You can unenroll by updating your program preferences on the “Program Enrollment” section in your online account, or by texting “STOP.” If you unenroll from eBilling Text Alerts, you will still be enrolled in paperless billing and will continue to receive email notifications when your bill is ready to view online and five days before it’s due.
If you unenroll in eBilling, you will also stop eBilling Text Alerts. You will no longer receive email notifications or text messages when your bill is ready to view online.